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mypictr for your community

Mypictr has been launched as a free service for online-based image-editing and thus an ideal extension to your community.

webmasters: mypictr for your community /network

If you want to give your users a quick access to mypictr, just add a link to our URL in those sections used for uploading profile images, using the following sourcecode:

<a href="" title=" - create your profile picture online"> - create your profile picture online</a>

There is also an easy way to integrate mypictr into your community by sending mypictr custom width and height of the avatars in your community:[size]

Where [size] is the size of the avatar, for example: will preselect the area of 50px width and 40px height.

If you feel interested in an advanced integration of mypictr into your community, please use our contact form to send us your request.

if you're a member of a community / forum

If you like the service and think this could be helpful for other community-members, help spreading mypictr! Get in touch with the webmasters or support of your forums/communites and ask them to include a link to at their profile sections.

mypictr-plugin for vbulletin

If you use the vbulletin forum package for your community, you can simply download the plugin and include it via your "AdminCP". The plugin is available to english and german speaking users. Please follow the instructions listed in the readme file after the download.

» download the plugin (zip, 5kb)